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    • Designing Enterprise Solutions with Sun Cluster 3.0, 2002, ISBN 0-13-008458-1,

    • Dependability Benchmarking for Computer Systems, 2008, ISBN 978-0-470-23055-8,,miniSiteCd-IEEE_CS2.html

      • Chapter 2, Analytical Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability Benchmarks

      • Chapter 3, System Recovery Benchmarks

    • Performability Analysis of Storage Systems in Practice: Methodology and Tools, SpringerLink, 2006, ISSN 0302-9743 (Print) 1611-3349 (Online),

    • RAS Modeling of an HPC Switch System, IEEE, 2008, 14th IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing, PRDC08

    • Assessment of the Effect of Processor Offlining on System Reliability/Availability Against Hardware Faults, IEEE, 2007, The 37th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks, DSN07

    • user_setup: A System for Custom Configuration of User Environments, or Helping Users Help Themselves, USENIX Large Installation and Systems Administration (LISA) Conference, 1992

    • Description Document and User's Guide for Automated Electrical Power/Energy Stress Points Analysis Task for Spacelab Missions, NASA, Document Number MSFC-DOC-739, 1981

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    • A Model for, Washington, DC, 1999

    • Rapid Recovery Techniques for Solaris Systems, Sydney, Australia, 1999

    • SunConfigs Reference Configurations Design Considerations, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2000

    • Sun Reference Configurations Update, Tokyo, 2001

    • Availability Benchmarking Overview, Washington, DC, 2005


    • ZFS Workshop, USENIX, 2008, 22nd Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA08)

    • Workshop on Dependability Benchmarking, IEEE, 2005, 16th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, ISSRE 2005

Other Conferences

    • Veritas, Oracle, Sun (VOS) Initiative, Oracle OpenWorld 2001