Training Course Setup

Training courses can achieve the best results when the environment is well prepared for the task of learning. I teach by lecture and hands-on laboratory experiments, depending on the course.

Lecture requirements
  • quiet room large enough for the expected attendance
  • projector capable of at least 800x600 color resolution, VGA or HDMI interface is preferred
  • plenty of power for attendees to connect laptops
  • if the attendance is greater than 20 people or if the room is more than 400 square feet, a microphone and PA system is needed -- my voice is on the quiet side
  • fast Wifi connection to the internet is greatly appreciated by all
Laboratory requirements
  • asking folks to supply their own laptops leads to inconsistent experiences.  A better approach is to have systems setup ahead of time and ready for use when the course begins.
  • computing equipment should be x86 or SPARC based systems with 17" or larger color monitors
  • minimum of 4 GB of RAM, with 8 GB or larger preferred
  • OpenSolaris developer build 130 or later OS installed, the very latest build from is preferred
  • network everything with fast access to the internet
  • one system reserved for the instructor